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Real work

Work is the tool that is used in Basta’s drug rehabilitation. The work creates, apart from work skills and a livelihood, a social context, a personal identity, an increased self-esteem, and possibilities for communication. That brings in its turn the feeling of being needed, which is the foundation for successful rehabilitation.

Quality consciousness

Basta always aims to offer services of high quality. But quality is also about quality in your relations to your family, quality in how you take care of your own body, and so forth.

Health and ecology

Long-term drug abuse results in physical damage. The awareness of this often comes when you are on your road away from drugs, which leads to your thinking about your own health. At Basta we start out from this point to then also start discussing your environment and the ecological context.


Basta has a mentor system. The mentor helps you to find your way in the new environment and uses his or her spare time to support those who are new. A year earlier the mentor was new at Basta and somebody else gave them his or her spare time.

The pride of being independent

Independence gives freedom. All success belongs to us, and the reverse we take responsibility for. Basta is a self-sufficient social enterprise where all surpluses are reinvested.

The benefit of the good example

Basta is user run, which means that those who work at Basta on all levels have themselves done their rehabilitation at Basta. This means that Basta is full of good examples. They are the proof that a better life is possible.