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Personal Stories

Sara’s story


After the first year at Basta, I wanted to test my ability to meet life without drugs. I chose the hard way since I chose to go to a restaurant/bar with a friend. We sat down and ordered food and drinks. Soon two men came along and asked if they could sit down. Sure, that was ok. The question that then came was the usual one ”so what do you two work with”?

I felt the panic, what should I answer? ”Well, I have the last year been in rehabilitation for my drug abuse”. I thought further. Maybe I can say that I study, very diffuse, but usually it works. My friend was a real estate agent, and the two men were lawyers. I had to make a choice regarding what I was working with.

Suddenly the panic let go while the others were talking about their work. ”I am a horse breeder”. I neither lied nor held back the truth. During the previous year I had been working with Basta’s horse breeding. I was no longer a drug abuser, or ex drug abuser, or client. I was a horse breeder. After that we talked a lot about the special Russian breed, Basjkir, that Basta works with. My empowerment journey was in full bloom.