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The Basta Group

Basta Arbetskooperativ (work cooperative), is a non-profit association which has run business activities in the municipality of Nykvarn outside Stockholm since 1994.

The goal then like now was to rehabilitate people that have been outside the labour market for long periods of time due to drug problems and/or criminality. The idea was that the people who came to Basta would start a rehabilitation process through running a social enterprise. Basta’s ideas on rehabilitation through enterprise has proved to be sustainable, and today the company has expanded and developed into a group of companies with a non-profit association as its parent company.

Basta Nykvarn

Basta in Nykvarn is the original Basta where it all started. With time the organisational structure has changed and today Basta Nykvarn is a limited company and a subsidiary to the non-profit association. At Basta Nykvarn drug rehabilitation is offered to people referred through the Swedish social services or the Criminal Justice System. Basta Nykvarn runs their social enterprise through different business activities, i.e: construction, graffiti removal, carpentry, a dog hostel, and a stable offering riding tours.

Basta West

The rumour of Basta’s business idea to rehabilitate people through enterprise spread, and in 2003 Basta West (Ltd company) in Fristad, on the west coast of Sweden, opened. The company was built on the same ideas Basta in Nykvarn had practised for almost ten years. Throughout the years Basta West has expanded their business and is now an established company in the west of Sweden, with rehabilitation premises in both Fristad and now also Norsesund, both close to the city of Gothenburg.

Basta Ragnhildsborg

In 2008 a Home for Care and Living in Södertälje was added to the Basta Group. Ragnhildsborg works with people living with psychological illness as well as drug abuse. Organisationally Basta Ragnhildsborg Limited Company is a subsidiary of Basta in Nykvarn.

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Icko Clean

In 2009 Basta West bought the company Icko Clean with the purpose of creating more opportunities for work-integrated rehabilitation. Icko Clean works with cleaning the outer surface of trains, graffiti removal, and servicing of cars. Their work area is the west region of Sweden.

Read more about Icko Clean on their webpage.

MG Pall

The year after, in 2010, Basta West bought the company MG Pall. As with Icko Clean, the purpose of the acquisition was to create more platforms within Basta for work integration, development, and employment opportunities. MG Pall works with pallets: to buy, sell, and to renovate different kinds of pallets.

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Brunsbo hotel

The latest addition within the Basta Group is Brunsbo Hotel (with the formal name Kvarnstallet), that Basta West bought in 2014. Brunsbo Hotel in Skara is a hotel- and conference centre where they do work integration.

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