Triple R

Rehabilitation for Recovery and Reinsertion

Triple R is a 2-year long EU funded project on the exchange of good practice in the field of recovery across EU member states. The project aims at reducing recidivism and crime in regard to drug addiction as well as spreading good practice models on drug Rehabilitation, social Reintegration and Justice intervention.


Triple R: Rehabilitation for Recovery and Reinsertion, aims to:

  • Exchange best practice in the field of recovery between EU member states
  • Reduce recidivism and crime linked to drug addiction
  • Provide cost effective and efficient models on drug rehabilitation, social reintegration and justice intervention
  • Disseminate resources across EU member states to support the implementation of effective and efficient models in Rehabilitation for Recovery and Reinsertion


• Coordinator: Comunità San Patrignano (Italy)
• Co-beneficiaries:
1. Basta (Sweden)
2. CeIS – Associazione Centro Italiano di Solidarietà Don Mario Picchi (Italy)
3. Dianova (Spain)
4. Popovggz VZW (Belgium)
5. Udruga Stijena (Croatia)
6. Udruga San Patrignano Split (Croatia)
7. Udruga Institut Pula (Croatia)
8. ECAD – European Cities against drugs (Sweden)

Here you can find the project’s website and read more about the project and all partners:

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Kristina Blixt, Project co-ordinator
Phone: +46 8 552 414 00