Empowerment Course

Learn empowerment from us!
Basta has over the years received many people interested in how we work with empowerment and social enterprise. As a result of these interactions, we have now developed a one-week empowerment course open for other social organisations and social enterprises. Would you like to know more about Basta’s empowerment course or simply want to come here for a visit? Do not hesitate to contact us. Contact details you find to the right.
We also work with empowerment in different European projects. During 2012 Basta received 54 social workers, working within the public sector in the region around Bordeaux. They all followed the one-week empowerment course with the aim of transferring some of the methods to France. Basta is also a partner in an Esf-funded project together with La Claie, a network of social organisations in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Together with La Claie, we co-create around the themes of empowerment and participatory gouvernance.

Kristina Blixt, Project co-ordinator
Phone: +46 8 552 414 00
Email: kristina.blixt@basta.se