Academy for Social Entrepreneurs

The aim of the project ACE (2011-2013) was to support the acquisition of new skills and competence for people in social organisations or social enterprises, on how to develop and manage a social enterprise. The project was funded through the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships.The project had four partners from Sweden, England, Czech Republic and France.

Action with Communities in Rural Kent in England is a NGO working for the benefit of the rural community through different activities such as supporting the creation of social enterprises. Garage Moderne is a mechanical workshop working with work placements for long-term unemployed. Renarkon, Czech Republic, is a NGO working with drug abusers.

Together Basta, Rural Kent, Renarkon and Garage Moderne created a grass root level training called ”Academy for Social Entrepreneurs”. The program consisted of four training modules, delivered by each partner organisation, and coloured by each partner’s way of working, its target group and its cultural setting.


  • To create a learning partnership across organisational, cultural and European borders
  • To create a common curriculum for a grass root level vocational training program
  • To create a first level program based on four modules, with scope of transfer across Europe
  • To identify new ideas that can address social challenges
  • To create network links between partners
  • To empower staff and beneficiaries to become social entrepreneurs
  • To appoint 4 community business advisors that can further disseminate the idea of social enterprising

The project has increased the partners’ awareness of social enterprising and has laid a foundation about how to work with social enterprise and social inclusion. Participants in the project have now a better understanding of social economy and social enterprise in different countries and cultural settings as well as more experience regarding different tools for social inclusion.


Kristina Blixt, Project co-ordinator
Phone: +46 8 552 414 00


Action with Communities in Rural Kent
Renarkon, Czech Republic
Garage Moderne