Basta offers rehabilitation through social enterprising and empowerment.
Basta’s rehabilitation philosophy of a better live is possible starts out from Basta’s six corner stones:

  • Real work – as a tool for communication
  • Quality consciousness
  • Solidarity
  • Ecological thinking
  • The benefit of the good example
  • The pride of being independent

Basta offers help to self-help through enterprising. This means that a big part of the rehabilitation takes place on the company’s work sites, through real enterprising. In the work process, an often in drug abuse lost self-esteem is regained. A regained self-esteem is the base for a sustainable and permanent drug free life.

Basta is a company with an outspoken social responsibility, which yearly is combined with fixed economical goals. The production aims to be a tool for the individual to start a personal, social, and labour market integration. The production should also be a tool in order to assure the people at Basta of their livelihood. The yearly profit is reinvested back into Basta, in order to guarantee Basta’s continuance and growth.

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