Basta in Nykvarn
Basta Work Cooperative, non-profit association with business activities, – was the name that was registered in the autumn of 1994. It was then Basta for the first time opened its gates in the municipality of Nykvarn, about 60 km south of Stockholm. The goal was then, as it is today, to rehabilitate people, that for a long time has been outside the labour market, due to problems with drug abuse and/or criminality. The idea was that the people who were looking for work at Basta would start a rehabilitation process through running a commercially successful business. Our ideas about rehabilitation though enterprising were proven to be sustainable and today Basta has expanded and has developed into a group with Basta in Nykvarn as the mother company.

Basta West
The rumor of Basta’s business idea of rehabilitating people through enterprising, was spreading and in 2003 it was time for Basta West in the municipality of Borås to start. The company had the same underlying orientation as Basta in Nykvarn had practiced successfully for more than ten years. Basta West has gradually expanded its activities and is today an established enterprise in the west of Sweden, with rehabilitation premises in two towns.

Basta Ragnhildsborg
The latest addition within the Basta Group is a home for care and living, Ragnhildsborg in Södertälje, which was added in 2008. Ragnhildsborg works with people with psychological illness often in combination with a drug abuse.