About Basta

Basta’s main objective is to create better lives for the people who work and live at Basta.
A social enterprise
Basta is a social enterprise, outside Stockholm, that helps people away from drugs and criminality through qualified work, housing, and meaningful spare time. Our premises cover 80 hectares of land, lakes, and forest. Basta is unique in the sense that the company is owned and run by the client group themselves. People not only work but also live on the premises. About 95% of those working at Basta are from the client group (have experienced long-term drug abuse). This applies to top management and more or less to everyone that works in the company. Basta sells various services such as carpentry, construction, cleaning services, graffiti removal, dog minding, and landscaping. Basta also sells drug rehabilitation services to the social services and the criminal justice system. When someone first comes to Basta, he (or she) comes for one year, directed from the public sector, by his (or her) own free will, in order to leave a drug abuse. Basta’s tool for a successful drug rehabilitation is work. It is a path to self-help. Through selling high quality products and services on the open market, and by running a successful company, people not only learn important communication skills and gain work experience, they also regain their self-esteem. After the first year the new comer has the possibility to stay and work in the company.Basta is a social enterprise that is growing and today Basta run activities not only in Nykvarn but also outside Gothenburg as well as in Södertälje. There are more than 130 people involved in Basta’s daily activities.Basta has no public grants; all income is derived from selling services.

Basta has an extensive European network and we have a long experience of running European Projects. Currently we are involved in a Transfer of Innovation, where we will transfer the Basta-model to France and England.

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